• January 1908
    Foundation of the second catechetical centre

    Eugene Borg rents a further house at Cospicua and starts daily catechism lessons. He is appointed as the leader of the group.

  • circa 1909
    Order to close all centres

    Fr Preca is requested by the Vicar General Mgr Salvino Grech to close all the catechism Centres. After doing so, the order is withdrawn after several parish priests persuaded the Bishop for the Centres to continue.

  • 10 January 1910
    Foundation of the female section of the Society

    Fr Preca asks Giannina Cutajar, a sixteen-year-old, to start teaching catechism at Raħal il-Ġdid. He later chooses her to be the first female Superior General.

  • circa 1910
    A mystical experience

    Experiences a mystical experience at Marsa Cross. A boy demands that Fr Preca help him push a load of fertiliser which Fr Preca does. On later reflection George concludes that Jesus was confirming his mission to teach God’s people by symbolically revitalising the field of the Lord with good fertiliser.

  • 1912
    The first rule

    Fr Preca drafts the first Rule for the Society called “The Best Rules for all the Company of the Apostles”.

  • 1914 - 1915
    Vow of forgiveness

    A series of media attacks in two newspapers: “Is-Salib” and “Malta Tagħna”. During this period Fr Preca tells his Members to make a vow to forgive enemies.

  • 3 March 1916
    Establishment of an enquiry commission

    Bishop Dom Mauro Caruana establishes a commission to inquire about the ministry of the new Society and on 6 March 1917 Mgr Louis Attard, as leader of the commission, announces to the Members a number of prohibitions including the study of scripture and theology

  • 1917
    Devotion to the incarnation of Jesus

    After reading the life of Blessed Maria of the Passion (1866-1912), Fr Preca starts spreading the devotion to the words “Verbum Dei caro factum est” – “The Word of God was made flesh” (Jn 1:14). A year later he asks Members to bear a badge with these words.