• Carol singing at Brixton



The first group of Members of the ‘Society of Christian Doctrine – Preca Community to establish the SDC in London were Paul Aquilina, Louis Borg and Franky Chetcuti arriving in Brixton, London in 1988.  Fr Hugh Thwaites SJ, now deceased, played a key role in the establishment of the SDC in London as it was he who in 1988 asked for SDC members to assist him in running the ‘Brixton Youth Project’ which he had set up in South London.

Following some time of ‘finding their feet’ in this new venture in London, the Members were invited to help out in running catechism groups and youth clubs in two nearby Catholic parishes. In 1990 the three SDC members were offered accommodation in Brixton, at the Rosary parish house where Fr Bernard Heaphy, parish priest, lived.

In 2006, a house was purchased in Upper Norwood, south London where the Members today operate from and have shared living.

 Mission Today

Today the Members in London run programmes in the parishes of Our Lady of the Rosary, Brixton, Virgo Fidelis, Upper Norwood, Our Lady’s Addiscombe and at St Andrew’s, Thornton Heath. The Members also run bible classes for adults, training for catechists and youth groups.

The London website www.sdc.me.uk provides useful and current resources for catechists and teachers.