Preca Youth Group in Adelaide during an outing

Preca youth groups aim to form young followers of Jesus and to create faith communities of like-minded young people. The groups are run by youth leaders who are Members or Associates of Preca Community together with parents. The targeted age bracket is from 10 to 18.

Formation happens primarily by adult role modelling of the gospel values and also formal teaching of faith related topics relevant to young people. The latest pedagogical methods and resources are used. In line with the Preca tradition an emphasis is placed on gentleness and humility (refer to the guidelines and the resolutions).

Youth leaders strive to create contemporary gentle, relaxed and fun spaces that make young people feel welcomed, safe and loved. These spaces usually include large sport faculties like school gyms. Bus pickup and drop offs are available to young people who do not have access to transport facilities.

Preca youth groups run weekly typically on Friday nights. Young people together with youth leaders spend most of the evening playing and socialising. During half-time there is a faith sharing session that includes pray around the cross, where we celebrate Jesus’ love for us. Birthdays and special occasions are often celebrated  by holding small parties.

Following the Preca tradition, outings and camps are always the highlight of the season. We try to stay away from commercial entertainment venues and prefer natural parks where young people can come in contact with nature. During summertime pools and sometimes the beach are a favourite. Preparing, cooking and eating together is always a community bonding experience during outings.

Young people and parents tend to appreciate the genuine and sincere self-giving of the youth leaders and their efforts to provide simple, enjoyable and meaningful experiences.

May these spaces and times be opportunities of grace and blessings!

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  • Be Christlike by giving good example everywhere.
  • Wear the Preca badge.
  • Avoid anything, especially friends, that can lead you astray from God.
  • Do not smoke, do not take drugs or spirits.
  • Fast and talk only if necessary for an hour in the morning and two after lunch.
  • Pray daily the Watch for Elects.
  • Pray daily, kneeling, for forgiveness, thanking God for all things and for guidance.
  • Attend Sunday mass and receive holy communion together with your Preca mentors.
  • Attend with interest to Preca meetings regularly, including outings and retreats.
  • Listen to, follow the guidance, and obey your Preca mentors.


Preca Youth in Victoria during prayer

  • We resolve: to attend our formation meetings regularly.
  • We resolve to avoid friends who can lead us astray from God.
  • We resolve: to be faithful to the Preca Guidelines.
  • We resolve to receive the sacraments of Holy Communion and reconciliation frequently.
  • We resolve that: like Jesus, we love all, and like him, we pray for those who hurt and hate us.
  • We resolve that: like Jesus, we are humble and avoid arrogant attitudes.
  • We resolve that: we always remember that we have been created to know, love and serve our God.

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