Eugenio Borg 1886-1967

Ewġenju Borg, the first Superior General of the Society of Christian Doctrine, owes the richness of his faith to St George Preca. Eugenio and a group of other young men providentially met Fr George Preca while whiling away the hours. From the earliest of days, Fr Preca sensed a strength in Eugenio and set him apart from the others guiding him in the sacred scriptures and the path to holiness.

Eugenio was a pattern-maker, employed in the Naval Dockyard. Here he did not only excel in the ability of his craft, but more importantly he was exemplary in the practice of a virtuous life. Those who knew him on the shop floor used to refer to him as the ‘saint’.

Eugenio Borg was a man of God ‘par excellence’. Ġeġè”, as he was affectionately called by the Founder, became the Superior General of the Society of Christian Doctrine in 1926. From the Founder, Eugenio imbibed a great desire to spread the faith. He took the initiative and the perseverance to open Centres in various parts of the Malta.

As Superior General, Eugenio presided with ability, prudence and with great love. In its early years the SDC was not very well looked upon. The idea of lay people imparting the Word was not encouraged. But Eugenio, with a faithful team managed to keep the SDC alive and viable.

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