The Members of the Society of Christian Doctrine – Preca Community establishment in Poland developed from a friendship of a young SDC Member and a group of Polish youth that started over twenty years ago at a Taizé gathering. Following this encounter, visits were made by the SDC executive to representatives of the Church in the city of Poznań, contacts established and expectations outlined.

In 2010, the Members established themselves in St Luke’s Parish, Poznań.

Their first task was to study the Polish language, acclimatise to the Polish weather which is particularly harsh during Winter and find suitable accommodation. Contacts were reinforced in the Diocese and the SDC began its work there.


The mission in Poland is gaining momentum. The Polish people are very appreciative of the work of the SDC which is ministering to young people and adults in and around St Luke’s in Poznań.  It has been a risk for the SDC to send Members to Poland but today even after a short number of years the Members appreciate the way they are welcomed and they already feel very much at home.