The lifestyle in the Preca Family is characterised by four dimensions – contemplative, laity, apostolic and prophetic. Members of the Preca Community also live a celibate life.


Members' Excursion

Members of the Preca Community celebrating comradery


The Preca Members, the Associates and friends of the Preca Family seek holiness by living a lifestyle marked by discipleship, prayer and work. They keep alive the sense of God and stay immersed in the presence of God through sacramental life, scripture and frequent daily prayers compiled in a prayer book called The Watch. Even though most adults in the Preca Family are urban dwellers they seek to cultivate inner silence. The Preca Members in particular follow a neo-monastic Rule of Life.


The Preca Members, the Associates and friends of the Preca Family live with family, in community or by themselves; work full-time to finance family, themselves and ministry. Remuneration relating to ministry cannot be sought or accepted. The Preca Family lives an incarnational spirituality  seeking to build and nourish faith communities .


Inspired by the fervent desire: Divine Master May the Whole World Follow Your Gospel, the Preca Members, the Associates and friends of the Preca Family are committed to continuous personal faith formation and to give witness wherever they are. Preca Members in particular dedicate themselves to a persevering apostolate of catechesis especially with young people and their families.


The Preca Family is called to cultivate a consciousness which is rooted in the Gospel values of fraternal love, meekness, humility, poverty, simplicity and embracing contempt. The Preca Members renew daily a special vow of meekness: never to take revenge, to be gentle and patient.


The Preca Members  dedicate themselves completely to God holding Jesus as “their sole object of their heart”. The Preca Members embrace celibacy for the sake for God’s Kingdom as a gift, a grace and a unique work of the Holy Spirit.