Australian Members meeting friends and associates in Adelaide, South Australia

The Preca Family seeks holiness through a personal commitment to Jesus Christ and by contributing to the evangelising mission of the Church.

The Preca Family is made up of the Members of the Societas Doctrinae Christanae (SDC), Associates, Friends and young people. The SDC has two sections: one for celibate women and another for celibate men. Recently SDC Members  began using the name Preca Community to refer to the men’s celibate section in Australia. Married or single adults can join the Preca Family as Friends or Associates. Young people can belong to a Preca youth group.

Present throughout the world, the Preca Family provides integrated Christian teaching and living in the Catholic tradition for young people and adults in its care. Men and women who form the Preca Family are urged to follow Christ and give witness to gospel values, especially fraternal love, humility and meekness.

Glory and Praise to God who provides us with the strength to follow Christ and the opportunity to continue the work of evangelisation.