As early as 1954 there were five Members living in various Sydney suburbs who came to Australia through immigration. They began meeting every Sunday at the home of Arthur Archer, a Member of the SDC. Later this increased to more frequent meetings.

Christmas Procession, Paddington, Sydney 433x281

Christmas Procession, Paddington, Sydney

In 1956 from this innocuous beginning and under the guidance of Fr Tarcisus Licari, the group formed the beginning of the SDC in Sydney. Official approval was granted by Cardinal Norman Gilroy. The Cardinal advised Fr Licari that the parish priest of St Benedict Broadway, Fr John Roche, an ex-Australian Navy Chaplain, was willing to welcome the SDC into his parish as catechists. Fr Roche provided the Members with two very comfortable adjoining rooms of the large Marist Brothers College, Broadway, which today forms part of Notre Dame Catholic University Campus.

Also in 1956, the first catechism class at Paddington was held at St Francis Church in Oxford Street Paddington where it had occupied one of the primary school rooms. It was at this time that Members started to meet daily for prayer and study.

The number of Members in Sydney grew rapidly with attempts to inoculate the system used in Malta into an Australian setting. Some things succeeded while others did not.


Although today the ministry in Sydney is somewhat reduced, the Members soldier on. As well as supporting sacramental programmes and teaching in government schools, a weekly prayer circle for friends and associates at Preca Centre, Carss Park provides an opportunity for praying for the needs of the world and others.