• Preca Centre, Lurin, Lima


The Preca Centre in Lurin, Peru was officially opened by three missionary Maltese Preca Members  in 2003. The foundation of the centre was set decades earlier by Rev Fr Carlos Azzopardi.

Fr Carlos was also a missionary Maltese Preca Member who was sent to South Australia in the 6os and later traveled to Peru. He was ordained a diocesan priest in Chuquibamba. His aim was to establish the SDC. He moved several dioceses until he settled in Lima where he had the full support of the archbishop.  The foundation owes itself to his perseverance and his endless requests for Preca Members.

On the arrival of the three Preca Members a project to re-build the house and Preca Centre from where the SDC was to operate was soon completed. The original old house and chapel were built by Rev Fr Carlos Azzopardi who resided there.

The Preca Members started to help out in the parish of Julio C Tello within the first year. On-going faith formation groups  for children and youths were established and run on a daily basis

On a request from parents a group for adults who wanted to learn more and live the Preca spirituality was formed in 2005. The group is called: Grupo Giorgio Preca.


Today, in addition to the activities held in the Preca Centre, the Preca Members support the two year Confirmation course run by the parish and hold catechetical meetings in the parish centres that are situated in the North and South of an area called Mamacona.

All four Members work as teachers. Three members work within the Diocesan office for Catholic education and have also shared responsibilities in the running and administration of an institute of Economics. The other Member teaches at the local secondary school in Julio C Tello.

The Preca Centre in Lurin opens daily for catechetical instruction and social interaction. There are specific days were girls attend and other days where the centre receives boys. During the week-ends, in winter, the members organize outings in the country side or sport in play grounds that are in the vicinity of the Centre. Then during the hot months of the year, they go by the seaside to swim. These activities are well attended and really enjoyed by the young members.

When one visits this Centre, one can easily notice the love for music that the Peruvian youths have. Guitars, shakers, keyboards and other local instruments accompany the cries and joyful shouting of the other children who would be playing football in the courtyard or table-tennis, table-soccer or other indoor games in the games room.

It is so nice that these daily activities bring together children, adolescents and youths who in turn help each other to continue to grow in their love of Jesus and in the respect for one another.

New Preca Centre

The second Preca Centre in Peru was opened on the request of Bishop of Carabayllo: Lino Panizza, O.F.M. Cap on the Preca Vocation Day – 7 March 2017.

For the past six years, the Preca Members from the Lurin Center have been helping in the diocese of San Pedro de Carabayllo by offering seminars and on-going catechetical formation to the catechists of this diocese.

At present the Preca Members help in three different parishes offering faith formation sessions to children and catechists. The parishes the Preca Members minister in are: San Pedro, Santa Maria and Divina Misericordia. On a monthly basis the Preca Members also hold a two hour catechetical formation session at a parish dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima.

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