• 2 February 1907
    Meetings with group of young adults

    Re-establishes contact with the group of young adults he started meeting in 1905 and starts meeting them daily in the evening for faith formation.

  • circa 1907
    Initial inspirations

    George writes a rule in Latin, which he called ‘Regula Eptangelorum’, intending to send it to Pope Pius X. Fr Preca suggested that in each parish, seven deacons assisted by twelve lay people, would take responsibility for religious instruction.

  • 7 March 1907
    Official foundation date

    House for religious instruction is rented at Ħamrun. This date was eventually chosen as the official foundation date of the Society.

  • 1907
    Radical Demands

    Makes some radical demands for his group of followers. These include refraining from smoking, donning a crew cut and declared that only unmarried men could become Members of his group. Some leave the group. Gathering those who remained Fr Preca shares his ideal with them: “From now on I want you to give yourselves completely to God”.

  • circa 1907
    A name for the group

    Consults the first followers to suggest a name for the group. Saviour Muscat jokingly suggests “Museum”. Fr Preca likes the idea since museums safeguard treasures and the group would treasure peace and good instruction. On later reflection Preca changes the name “Museum” into a contraction, M.U.S.E.U.M. Magister Utinam Sequatur Evangelium Universus Mundus. “Divine teacher may the whole world follow your gospel”.