• 12 February 1880
    Birth of George Preca

    Birth of George to parents, Vincent and Natalina in Valletta, the capital city of Malta.

  • 1892

    Starts attending the Lyceum Valletta. In 1896 begins studies philosophy and theology in preparation for the priesthood at the seminary.

  • 1905
    First encounters with a group of young adults

    While a deacon, Fr Preca begins meeting a group of young adults in front of the church of St Gaetan in ─Žamrun. Following a two-year break, he meets up with them again on a daily basis for faith formation and selects Eugene Borg to lead the group.

  • 1906
    Terminally ill

    Diagnosed suffering from tuberculosis by Professor Enrico Meli. The prognosis is a few months of life. Fr Preca miraculously recovers by December and survived with a damaged lung for 56 years.

  • 22 December 1906

    George is ordained a diocesan priest at St John Co-Cathedral in Valletta.