In Poznań, Poland, a Member of the SDC teaching in a college started a group for primary school aged children which ran after school hours on Friday afternoons. The young people named the group “Caritas”. Its aim was promoting Christian values through hands-on activities such as craft, baking and fundraising. After a number of baking sessions, where the young people baked ginger bread, muffins and cakes and sold them out to their peers at school, the group managed to fundraise 148 złoty about $50. They decided that together with their teacher they would all go to a grocery store and buy enough groceries to fill three special paper bags distributed by the Caritas foundation. After walking for twenty minutes in pouring rain the group reached the store and each had a list to fetch. It was sheer joy for them picking all the food items. At one point the owner called the Member and said that Saint Nicholas just passed by and left a 100 złoty (which is about an average daily wage) for the children to buy more goods. At the counter, a person further donated 50 złoty. The kids were so ecstatic when they when back to school each carrying a basket of groceries, that everybody asked what happened. They said ‘We fundraised 148 złoty for the poor and God doubled the amount.” On hearing this, the principal exclaimed “This is unheard of!”