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Love your enemy

It was a freezing March night 1997.  Three missionary members had to quickly pack a few personal items and flee for their lives from the southeastern city of Korce in Albania, across the Greek border. On returning back to Malta, news reached them that their house and Preca College, were attacked and looted by the locals who broke in anarchy at the collapse of the pyramid financial schemes. They lost all the personal belongings, all furniture and fittings in both buildings where gone, even the tiles from the bathrooms were ripped off.

Despite all the personal anguish the three members’ main concern were the student in fourth form who needed the school-leaving certificate in order to graduate and be able to enter university. Within six months they were back to Korce, working hard to restore the school and house ready to be reopened, just in time for students to sit for their exams.

Eventually the members learned who were the people who broke in and stole everything. Not only did they forgive the rioters by eventually also helped them!

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